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Top 8 Free Classroom Treats

Team SunButter

Back to school can be a stressful time for food-allergic families. Now that 1 in 13 kids has a food allergy, there are often multiple food allergies per classroom.

Not only can it be stressful for food-allergic families, but also for families that are not used to dealing with food allergies. Parents often receive lists of ingredients their children can’t bring to school, but they often don’t know what to replace it with and aren’t used to reading labels. This can lead to frustration or possibly unscreened treats making their way to the classroom.

I recently went on Fox 13’s talk show, The Place, to help people see how easy it is to find classroom treats that are free of the top eight allergens. Be sure to share this video with your teachers, day care and other care givers to ensure that there are safe, inclusive treats when there are rewards or celebrations.

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Megan Lavin’s mantra is: give up ingredients, don’t give up awesomeness. Once Megan’s child was diagnosed with a rare disease, and 30+ food allergies, she started the food allergy site Allergy Awesomeness, to be a recipe safe haven for those with restricted diets. She wants to show others that foods can still taste awesome whether on her blog, or when she’s doing monthly cooking demonstrations on TV. 

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