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Allergens And Special Diets
Finding SunButter, Sunflower Seeds, And Coupon
Ingredients And Nutrition
SunButter Varieties Or About Products Made With SunButter
Recipes And Baking with SunButter
SunButter Packaging, Storage and Shelf Life
SunButter Recipe Book, Stickers And Other Resources

Questions About Allergens And Special Diets

Is SunButter free from the top 8 food allergens?
Yes SunButter Sunflower Butter is free from the top 8 food allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, soy, dairy, eggs, wheat, fish, and crustacean shellfish.  SunButter advises customers to read labels carefully. All SunButter products are clearly labeled for common food allergens.

Is SunButter free from the ten priority food allergens (Canada)?
Yes SunButter Sunflower Butter is free from the ten priority food allergens: Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Eggs, Milk, Mustard, Seafood, Sesame, Soy, Sulphites, and Wheat. SunButter advises customers to read labels carefully.  All SunButter products are clearly labeled for common food allergens.

Is SunButter peanut and tree-nut free?
Yes. A peanut-free sunflower seed butter, SunButter is a peanut butter substitute that is also tree nut free. We have never processed nor do we allow peanuts or tree nuts in our facilities.

Is SunButter soy free?
Yes. As of January 2016 our facility is soy free. SunButter advises customers to read labels carefully. All SunButter products are clearly labeled for common food allergens.

Is SunButter gluten free?
Yes, SunButter is naturally gluten-free. We do not use any gluten ingredients nor ingredients containing gluten/traces of gluten, nor do we have them in our facilities.

Does your facility contain dairy or eggs?
No, our facility is free from dairy and eggs.

Does SunButter contain sesame seeds?
SunButter does not contain sesame seeds, sunflower seeds are different from sesame seeds.

Does SunButter contain mustard?
SunButter does not contain mustard.

Does SunButter contain sulphites?
SunButter does not contain sulphites.

Does SunButter contain flaxseed?
SunButter does not contain any flaxseed.

Is SunButter vegan?
Yes, all varieties of SunButter are vegan.

Is SunButter Kosher?
Yes, SunButter is certified Circle U Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

I am concerned that children could mistake SunButter for peanut butter.
We are glad to hear that you care so much about our product! We have carefully designed SunButter so that it can be used as an alternative to peanut butter. We take pride in our bright sunflower logo and the prominence of our name on our packaging, clearly reminding customers that the tasty spread inside is derived from sunflowers, not peanuts. Additionally, all of our containers are marked with a “peanut free” label. We hope that customers with food allergies and those without will enjoy SunButter as a delicious spread, snack, and ingredient that can help keep everyone safe! Find out about and download our free print-at-home “Made with SunButter” stickers to use on a lunch bag!

Where can I find more information on food allergies?
It is very important to read labels and educate oneself about food allergies. Our Resources Page has links to several food allergy organizations with excellent resources to help kids, parents, schools teachers and more.

Finding SunButter In Stores Or Online, Sunflower Seeds, And Coupon Information

What stores sell SunButter?
SunButter is sold in 18,000 stores nationwide and in Canada, find out where to buy. You can also purchase our peanut and tree nut free sunflower spread online.

Where can I buy SunButter online?
You can buy SunButter on Amazon as well as through the following retailers: (Canada)Specialty Food Shop (Canada)VitacostSoap, and Well (Canada).

Is SunButter available internationally?
At this time, we are not able to offer SunButter outside of the U.S. and Canada. Please contact us if you have questions.

I can’t find SunButter in my grocery store, what can I do?
If you’ve already searched for your favorite varieties on our Where to Buy page, if you do not wish to purchase SunButter at the online retailers listed above, and/or if you have a favorite store that doesn’t carry SunButter currently, we recommend you speak to the store manager. Let them know that you would like to buy SunButter products at their store. If you would like, download, print, and bring them this merchant request form.

Is SunButter available in my child’s school?   
SunButter is the leading peanut free, school friendly choice served in school foodservice departments across the US. Check with your child’s school to see if they serve SunButter. If not, you may wish to talk to the school about serving SunButter.  You may download our flyer to send to the school’s foodservice team. School’s may also wish to visit the SunButter Foodservice website at

Do you sell your roasted sunflower seeds?
No, we do not sell our roasted sunflower seeds. Contact us about a possible purchase from another source.

Can I buy SunButter in bulk?
If you are using SunButter for schools/foodservice or as an ingredient in a product you manufacture, please visit our industrial page or our foodservice page.  SunButter can also be purchased in larger sizes and quantities from some online stores such as and

Do you have coupons?
We have coupons available for both the United States and Canada.

Why can’t I print my coupon? Is your coupon page working?
We are confident that our coupon page, serviced through Hopster, is working properly. There is, however, a limit to the number of coupons you may print, and you cannot print another coupon until you have redeemed the most recent coupon you printed. For immediate assistance, please contact Hopster at 1-855-HOPSTER (467-7837), and they will be happy to get you your coupons.

Questions About Ingredients And Nutrition

Where do you get the sunflower seeds used to make SunButter?
Nearly all the sunflower seeds we use are grown in North Dakota. Some come from surrounding states, such as Minnesota and South Dakota.

Is SunButter Non-GMO?
All SunButter varieties are Non-GMO Project Verified, with the exception of our Creamy variety (available in jars, On the Go canisters and cups, and our five pound tub).  The mono-diglyceride ingredient in the Creamy variety, used to prevent separation, is made from GMO material.  ALL SunButter varieties are made with non-GMO sunflowers.

What are mono-diglycerides?
Mono-diglycerides are a highly refined vegetable oil completely derived from plants and used only in the Creamy variety with the red lid, the On the Go canisters and cups, and the five-pound tub. These mono-diglycerides are used to help prevent separation.

Is SunButter healthier than peanut butter?
SunButter’s peanut and tree nut free sunflower spreads are naturally good for you. They contain one-third less saturated fat than peanut butter. SunButter also has the same amount of protein, more vitamin E, and no trans fats. SunButter is also high in iron, phosphorus, and zinc.

Why does your Organic variety not say that it is gluten free?
All of our varieties are gluten free. The Organic variety does not say gluten free because we do not have the product tested for gluten in the same manner required by the organic certification body we use.

What kind of salt is used in SunButter?
We use plain salt (non-iodized) in SunButter. You will be glad to know that our Organic variety contains no salt and no sugar, just 100% roasted organic sunflower seed!

Is corn an ingredient in any of your SunButter varieties?  What about coconut?
The ingredients that are used to produce SunButter do not contain corn or coconut. However, the supplier of those ingredients may manufacture it in a facility that does contain corn. SunButter is made in a peanut and tree nut free facility, in addition to coconut (classified as a tree nut according to FDA standards) and corn free facility, which means no ingredients nor products contain either of those two components.

Is tyramine an ingredient in any of your SunButter varieties?
To the best of our knowledge, tyramine is not present in SunButter. Tyramine is typically present in products with “additives.”

Is selenium an ingredient in any of your SunButter varieties?
Selenium is present in SunButter. There is an estimated 33ug (micrograms) in a 2 tablespoon serving size. SunButter is an excellent source of selenium (greater than or equal to the 20% recommended daily value, according to the USDA).


Questions About SunButter Varieties Or About Products Made With SunButter

What’s the difference between the Creamy and Natural varieties?
Our Natural variety does not contain added ingredients to prevent separation, it is an all natural sunflower spread. It will be necessary to stir the Natural variety well to mix in the oil. Our Creamy variety contains added ingredients to prevent separation, so the product can be used straight out of the jar! Learn more about these varieties here.

Is there a sugar-free SunButter variety?
Our Organic variety is sugar and salt free, and our No Sugar Added variety is sugar free.

Is SunButter available with raw sunflower kernel?
No, all sunflower kernel used in SunButter has been roasted.

Do you have a Chocolate SunButter variety?
We agree, a chocolate SunButter sounds delicious. While we do not yet offer this variety, you might enjoy our Chocolate SunButter recipe.

Do you have single serve SunButter cups?
Yes! Try SunButter On the Go Single Cups which are available in a canister, consisting of six, 1.5 ounce cups.

Is SunButter used in Sun Cups?
Yes, SunButter is used in Sun Cups products. Sun Cups are nut and gluten free.

Questions About Recipes And Baking With SunButter

Can I bake with SunButter?
Absolutely! SunButter is a great substitute for peanut butter in baking. View our SunButter recipes to get ideas and download our free recipe books. Be sure to read the next FAQ to help avoid your cookies from turning green.

My cookies turned green, what happened?
When substituting SunButter in your existing recipe, you may have to reduce the baking soda/powder by about one-third. The chlorogenic acid (chlorophyll) in sunflower seeds reacts with the baking soda/powder when baked, causing the green color when the cookies cool. This is completely harmless! Depending on the recipe, a splash of lemon juice may also help. You can also check out our tried and tested SunButter recipes.

Do you have a SunButter recipe book?
Yes, we do! Click here to download our free recipe books.

Questions About SunButter Packaging, Storage, And Shelf Life

Does SunButter have to be refrigerated?
SunButter does not need to be refrigerated, it is entirely personal preference whether SunButter is stored in the refrigerator or cupboard. Refrigerated SunButter stays fresh longer, but you can safely store it in your cupboard, as well.

What is the shelf life?
One year unopened from the date of manufacture. SunButter can last six months to a year after the expiration date, provided that it is sealed and stored properly (out of the heat). SunButter is most delicious within one to two months of opening.

SunButter is usually good (opened) for one to two months, and can be kept in either the refrigerator or the cupboard (keeping it in the fridge helps it to stay fresher longer).  The worst that can happen to SunButter is that it takes on a rancid odor and flavor, which simply does not smell nor taste good.

Why isn’t SunButter sold in glass jars?
Our jars are BPA free. Manufacturing with glass poses many challenges, and the cost is prohibitive. It also takes a lot of energy to produce a glass jar, which is something we consider, as well.

Why is there oil on the top of my SunButter?
Our Natural and Organic varieties do not contain added ingredients to prevent separation. Therefore it will be necessary to stir the product well to mix in the oil.

Why is there oil seeping from the foil seal of my jar?
The foil seal of each jar of SunButter includes five tiny holes located right on the center of the foil seal. These ventilation holes allow heat to escape from the jar when SunButter is produced – keeping it fresh and tasty while protecting the product from outside contaminants. Note: Sometimes oil escapes from these holes. We recommend keeping the jar lid tightly secured after opening and using. Please do not use the product if the foil seal is broken or if the holes are different than the ventilation holes described.

SunButter Recipe Book, Stickers And Other Resources

Do you have stickers to show that my foods are made with SunButter and are Peanut Free?
Yes! “Made with SunButter” stickers are ideal to place on food bags, baggies, containers, lunch boxes and more. They are available for purchase at or They are also available as a free print at home resource. Print these stickers on Avery 22817 Laser/Ink Jet Round Labels. Please be sure to select “Actual Size” when printing, not “Fit” (stickers may not line up with labels if this setting is not chosen). Download the stickers here.

Is a hard copy of the SunButter Recipe Book available?
At this time, the recipe book is only available as a free download online. We have considered printing the recipe book as a resource, but are analyzing the consumer demand first. Download the recipe book here.

Is there a SunButter Recipe Book available for school foodservice departments?
Yes! The SunButter Foodservice Recipe Book is available as a free download online. This recipe book is intended for use at school foodservice departments or for cafeteria use only. Download the foodservice recipe book here. If you are looking for a SunButter Recipe Book to use at home, please download our free consumer recipe books.

My child has food allergies, how can I keep them safe at school?
Visit our Resources page. We offer flyers that you can share with your school’s foodservice department and many other resources and links that may help.

I love SunButter! How can I help spread the love?
We are honored to make a product that is helpful to so many families. We appreciate hearing your stories and encourage you to share your SunButter stories and connect with us on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Thank you for being a loyal customer, we couldn’t do our work without your support!