January 5, 2016

Ring in the New Year with SunButter

By Tracy Bush

Who else has post-holiday blues? Between stress and juggling holiday events, we are all left with the aftermath of wondering what we should do with all of the extra time we have again. For many families, we begin our new year with a tinge of sadness, exhaustion and wondering how we can get our spirits back on track. Luckily, our family has found that by utilizing SunButter in different ways, we all feel a bit more accomplished at the beginning of each new year.

Find Your Energy Again
Studies have shown that healthy proteins provide energy and recharge your body’s chemistry to promote a better mood. When you eat well, you feel well. SunButter provides 33% of our daily recommended magnesium – a mineral that helps convert sugar into energy. When our bodies are low on magnesium and protein, our energy levels decrease. When our energy levels decrease, you tend to feel less focused and less alert. With so many options of SunButter, the only question you should be asking is what to pair it with….hey, sometimes just a plain spoon does the trick!

Ring in the New Year with SunButter - Tracy Bush

Collect Your Things
Our family also purges and repurposes each year to start off feeling accomplished. This may sound like an impossible feat when you are feeling a little less energetic, but even small accomplishments will make you feel mentally cleansed. Not sure how to do this or where to begin? Grab your SunButter, eat a healthy snack (SunButter has 1/3 less fat than most other proteins, like peanut butter), and then kick start your new year in a few new ways. Here are a few of our family’s ideas that you can use, too:

  • Holiday Holder – The SunButter On the Go Single Cups canister is the perfect size to hold holiday ornaments, tree hooks, gift tags, leftover candies, stockings and many other items.  (SunButter On the Go Single Cups are available exclusively at Target stores  click here for the store list).
  • Pet items – although SunButter is a healthy protein for dogs, too, the empty canisters can also provide a new storage area for treats, dry food, chewing items or small toys.
  • Car Storage – Did you know that you can bring SunButter On the Go Single Cups for safe travel snacks, as well as using the empty canister for keeping the car free of small items? No more having to find all of those items tucked in between the seats.
  • Family Time Capsule – Collect the past year’s memories, photos, or items, and place them in with your holiday storage. It will be a great family pastime to relieve next year’s holiday stress while also reminiscing.

Ring in the New Year with SunButter - Tracy Bush

Celebrate With SunButter
There are still celebrations going on! Why not be the host with the most and show off your favorite SunButter recipes to your guests? Whether it be muffins, cookies or your favorite peanut free snack, keep everyone safe and well-fed at the same time. When the celebrations come to an end, send them home with their very own care package of “SunButter Wishes.” “SunButter Wishes” are a fun and caring way to both share your food and your well wishes with anyone for the new year. All you need are printable stickers (or) homemade notes and a SunButter On the Go Single Cups canister. Choose your favorite thought, poem, saying or fact about SunButter and attach it to each SunButter Single Cup to bring your favorite someone a positive thought for the day. Think about it, when was the last time you received a special note made just for you?!

SunButter is more than good for just a snack- it’s a lifestyle staple. On-the-go, from the jar or on a spoon, SunButter is the best “butter” to brighten the new year of 2016 with everyone.


Tracy Bush, author of AllergyPhoods Blog and the book, “The Stepping Stones to Food Allergies,” is a food allergy consultant and founder of Nutrimom, Inc.