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5 Kid-Friendly SunButter Sandwiches

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My kids eat SunButter sandwiches almost every day. SunButter sandwiches make an easy nut-free breakfast or lunch, especially since SunButter is such a great source of protein. Since my son has food allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs and sesame, SunButter is a real life-saver for this mama of two little ones. Even though my son’s diet is somewhat limited, I try to get creative in the ways I serve his safe foods, just to make sure he doesn’t get bored.

I thought I’d share some FUN and TASTY ideas for different ways to eat a SunButter sandwich. All of these sandwiches are nut-free, egg-free, dairy-free and sesame-free, and they can easily be made gluten-free.

Some of these sandwiches are perfectly packable for school lunches, while others might be best assembled and eaten at home. Either way, have FUN with your SunButter sandwich!

1. SunButter Waffle Sandwich

Waffles aren’t just for breakfast anymore! They serve as a perfect delivery vehicle for SunButter and any other yummy additions. Try bananas, apples or strawberry jam for sweetness. I also like to add extra nutrition with chia seeds or flaxseeds. I usually just toast safe frozen waffles for the kids and use them as I would use bread for a sandwich. You can easily cut a waffle sandwich in halves or quarters and stick it in a lunchbox with other healthy sides for a great school lunch.

5 Kid-Friendly SunButter Sandwiches

2. Chocolate Chip Pancake SunButter Sandwich

Why not make pancakes into a sandwich too? I tried a new recipe for vegan pancakes recently, but they turned out a little less fluffy than I wanted. So, I added SunButter, banana and flaxseed to the pancakes and grilled it on a pan. It turned out a little sweet and very satisfying!

5 Kid-Friendly SunButter Sandwiches

3. Cookie Cutter SunButter Sandwich

Cookie cutters are one EASY way to add some kid-friendly fun to your SunButter sandwich. Just add your favorite fillings like jelly, jam or fruit and use cookies cutters to make fun shapes with your sandwich bread. My kids aren’t big fans of the crust anyway (despite my insistence that the crust is good!), so this also helps make it more appealing to your little guys and gals.

5 Kid-Friendly SunButter Sandwiches

4. Strawberry Coconut SunButter Sandwich

Even though the traditional SunButter and jelly sandwich is a great option, I like to add unique ingredients to my sandwiches. The kids love to try them too! This Strawberry Coconut SunButter Sandwich includes Creamy SunButter, sliced fresh strawberries and organic unsweetened coconut sprinkled on top. It’s a fun, delicious and healthy alternative to the usual SunButter and jelly.

5 Kid-Friendly SunButter Sandwiches

5. SunButter Banana Dog Sandwich

This might be one of my favorite SunButter sandwiches ever! Find your favorite hot dog bun, cut a banana to fit the bun, and drizzle SunButter and strawberry jam or jelly over it. Make it look just like ketchup and mustard! (I cut the corner of two ziplock bags and filled one bag with a Tbsp of SunButter and one with jelly, then I drizzled it like icing onto the banana dog!). You can always be creative with your side dishes and cut up fruit to look like fries. Believe me, I’m not usually a cutesy lunch person– I just don’t have the time as a working Mom! But it really doesn’t take very long to do this, and your kids will love it!

5 Kid-Friendly SunButter Sandwiches


Have you made any of these sandwiches before? What’s your kids’ favorite kind of SunButter sandwich?

Kathryn, creator of the blog Mamacado, is a working mama who loves her family, healthy living, and avocados (of course!)  Check out her blog for great ideas on food, family and fun…with a food allergy twist!

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