Request a Sample Kit – School Nurse

Thanks for your interest in SunButter.  This page includes a request form for the Resource Kit, links to download the School Safe Foodservice Recipe Book, and find other helpful information for students, parents, or your school’s foodservice team.

Click here to download the SunButter School Safe Foodservice Recipe Book
Features over 25 Peanut Free, School Safe recipes.

Click here for the SunButter Foodservice website
Includes information on products and other resources for School Foodservice programs.

Click here for Resources for Parents & Students  
Includes free School Safe Recipe book link, stickers, info on email newsletter and other helpful resources.

Please complete the information below to request a Resource Kit for your practice, clinic, or school.
Your kit will include 50 sample pouches, Peanut Allergy Resource Guides, SunButter coupons, school lunchbox stickers and/or other helpful items designed to help students, parents and/or your school’s foodservice department learn about managing a peanut allergy.  We are currently shipping to commercial business addresses in the U.S. and Canada only.

School Nurse Kit Request Form

  • Please use this space to indicate any special requests, for instance your clinic may request a partial kit with samples or brochures only.