December 22, 2015

Winter Break and SunButter Smiles

By Tracy Bush

The holiday season is upon us. For most of us, this means food, festivity, fun and days upon days of being home together. In the midst of all of the cheerfulness, I have learned to keep one thing in mind- it’s about more than just presents and rushing back and forth. Many of us are making sure our families are well-fed and finding new ways to spend this time of year together on a budget. What better way to incorporate our family’s favorite nut-free spread SunButter than by sharing some of our newest tasty and delicious games, crafts and holiday cheer!

Winter Break - Tracy Bush
Tasty Tic Tac Toe

When our family thinks of games, we always revert back to the simple game favorites that we all grow up with as children. What’s better than reinventing one of those games and being able to snack and play? How about being able to use the SunButter On the Go Single Cups for edible Tic Tac Toe! Use the Single Cups for your game piece and have your children help create a tic tac toe board to start the game. If you need a starter idea, click here to use our family’s board. You can also print out a copy and include it inside a canister for a game on the go!

Winter Break - Tracy Bush

SunButter Snowman Kit

We’ve all heard the words “Do you want to build a snowman?” Why not have your snowman, SunButter, and eat it too? Keeping your children occupied during their winter break and well fed can be done with just a few ingredients. Food is love in our family and this adorable kit combines an allergy-friendly craft, a fun way to incorporate SunButter into a tasty treat and it’s something that can be enjoyed by children of all ages (by that, I mean me). Intrigued? Simply click here for directions and a video tutorial to find out what you need to begin enjoying your newest holiday treat!

Winter Break - Tracy Bush

Sharing is Caring with SunButter

Whenever I think of people that I want to give a gift to, it’s usually food. With food allergies on the rise and everyone looking for new options, SunButter is a great item to give for the holidays. The tricky part is trying to decide what they might like to go with their SunButter. With the new On the Go Single Cups canister, you can combine those yummy SunButter cups with a variety of other treats wrapped up as a festive candy cane gift. Great for a teacher’s gift, a stocking stuffer or even the mailman (hey, they work hard and they deserve some SunButter, too!)

1. Remove the sticker from the SunButter On the Go Single Cups canister
2. Cover the outside of the canister with glitter glue
3. Wrap three of the SunButter cups in red paper
4. Insert a wrapped SunButter cup into the canister
5. Follow with any treat or food that is white
6. Continue the pattern, ending with food on top (the red canister top will complete the candy cane look)
Need food ideas? How about white peppermint pretzels, mini marshmallows, toasted coconut chips or popcorn.

Whether it be a craft that you can do together or a gift that you can give to someone else, SunButter is a healthy way to enjoy the holidays. May your winters be warm-hearted and your kitchens be stocked and ready to share during the holidays and every day!


Tracy Bush, author of AllergyPhoods Blog and the book, “The Stepping Stones to Food Allergies,” is a food allergy consultant and founder of Nutrimom, Inc.