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Valentine’s Day – Spread the Love  

Team SunButter

When someone you love has a food allergy Valentine’s Day can be a real challenge, so imagine how difficult it would be for someone who can’t afford the basics!  SunButter recently partnered with Food Equality Initiative a non-profit organization, who will soon open an allergy-friendly and gluten-free food pantry in the Kansas City area.  We are helping to stock their shelves with SunButter!

This month Food Equality Initiative launched their “Spread the Love” campaign.  Supporters may buy one jar of SunButter for themselves and DONATE one to the Food Equality Initiative.  If you live in the Kansas City area this is a great way to show some love for your family AND your community!

If you don’t live in Kansas City why not “Spread the Love” in your town?  Check with your local food pantry to ensure they will accept a SunButter donation.  Peanut butter is a staple for most pantries.  Next time you shop, buy an extra jar of SunButter (or two) to drop off at the local shelter!

SunButter helps you spread the love to your family and to your local community!  Be sure to tell us about your donations on social media using #SBspreadthelove

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