January 27, 2017

SunButter Protein Cups

By Nicole Dawson

I’m always on the lookout for healthy snacks for my family. While a store-bought protein bar may be a convenient choice, it is not always the best option out there! Luckily, this recipe for homemade SunButter Protein Cups are easy to make, have none of the junk, all of the clean protein and taste like dessert. It’s a great grab and go, guilt-free snack that you and your family will love. It seems like they get eaten faster than I can get make them….but how can I complain about that when they are eating a healthier treat?

Click here, to get the recipe.

SunButter Protein Cups - Nicole Dawson, Allergylicious

Nicole Dawson is a food allergy mom, Certified Health Coach, and author to the blog Allergylicious. Check out her blog for top 8 allergen friendly recipes, along with tips and tricks for those living with food allergies!

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