May 27, 2015

Six Strengths of SunButter

By Tracy Bush

It never ceases to amaze me when someone new tells me they have never heard of SunButter. How is this even possible?! Maybe I am spoiled since our family has known about their products for so many years but in true Nutrimom fashion, instances like this push me into my “I must help, I must spread the word” mode. (Did you catch the little pun there- spread the word?) I do try to help educate others but I also try to take a step back so as not to seem overly pushy. I understand that everyone’s allergies, food choices and education are all different; I always try to think before I share. Rather than entering a conversation feeling overly-determined, I ask myself, “What information can I share that would help other people know about this awesome, tasty product?”

I have found that people don’t like to be overwhelmed with too many facts. Sharing is caring so allow me to share some simple things that our family knows about SunButter. See how many details you already knew and how many may be an eye-opener!

#1: SunButter is Versatiletracy1

No matter what time of day it is, SunButter is a great protein-packed food that is ready and waiting for all sorts of recipes and meal options. Because there are twenty-four hours in a day, there are limitless ways to use SunButter. Just open up a jar, keep it waiting in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it and make sure you always have a second back-up jar for emergencies.

*SB Mom Tip- Always check the label & see which variety is favored to avoid an early-morning meltdown series from your children.

#2: A Nearly-Empty SunButter Jar Does Not Mean That The Jar is All Used Uptracy3
Before you decide to clean that almost-empty jar of SunButter and toss it into the recycling bin, think about how you can still use it! There are multiple projects and ideas on how to use the jar itself for storage of small items, kid-friendly projects or even a new container for an on-the-go sealable snack. For us, a jar that has the lovely leftovers on the inside also means a healthy treat for Grandma and Grandpa’s dog.

*SB Mom Tip- This is a great way to keep your pup busy and content while you are having company over since it’s not so easy for them to lick the jar.

#3: SunButter is Family-Friendlytracy4
SunButter began when the founder noticed a rise in food allergies and saw the need to provide a safe peanut butter alternative for those with peanut and tree nut allergies. Not only do they produce SunButter but they are also a very active part of the food allergy community. The wonderful people at SunButter are advocating for others while lending a helping hand to all of the families to continue to keep more and more people safe and nourished at the same time.

*SB Mom Tip- You know that I love coupons & if you do too, make sure you download a printable coupon courtesy of SunButter.

#4: Not All SunButter is Created Equal
SunButter comes in six different varieties and even has convenient on-the-go sizes as well. Having so many options has encouraged each of our family members to have their very own favorite (which has also led them to think of new recipes and even teaching them how to prepare some meals and snacks on their own). What we can agree on? That they are all equally lip smacking good!

*SB Mom Tip- Adding just a scoop of SunButter into mixes such as pancakes, muffins, cookies and smoothies is a great way to get a picky eater to add healthy protein into their foods.

#5: SunButter- Not Just For Food AllergiesSunButter Jar
Although our family found SunButter after my son was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy, I always recommend it to anyone who is looking for additional, healthy products to incorporate into their daily menus as well. After all, just because you don’t have a food allergy does not mean you shouldn’t be able to experience the additional benefits of protein, vitamin e and iron. SunButter is actually nutritionally superior to the leading brand of peanut butter!

*SB Mom Tip- Always read your product labels and research what is safe for your family- the SnackSafely list is one place you will find SunButter included because they continue to guarantee their products.

#6: Secret SunButter Envy
Perhaps the most untold SunButter fact yet! Do you have a neighbor that always comes over to borrow your SunButter? Is there a family member that happens to rummage through your pantry, looking for extra containers of SunButter? There are many people in the world that love all of the SunButter products but don’t seem to keep it in their own kitchen. What can we do to let others know that there is enough SunButter for everyone?…We may never know for sure.

tracy6*SB Mom Tip- This photo was found lying in the driveway after my neighbors moved away….you tell me, do you think they were plotting their next recipe? Always keep your SunButter in a cabinet or in the refrigerator to be safe.


Tracy Bush, author of AllergyPhoods Blog and the book, “The Stepping Stones to Food Allergies,” is a food allergy consultant and founder of Nutrimom, Inc.