The Snack of the Sungods!

SunButter is so delicious and packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals, no wonder it’s been adopted as the go-to source of power for the sun deities around the world!

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Meet the Sungods


Norse God of Day

An absolute unit of a sun god, Dagr spends his time getting swole at the SunButter Gym where he recently became the leading proprietor.


Shinto Sun Goddess

“Ama” is an absolute breakfast diva. If you even think about taking a spoonful from her stockpile of SunButter, you’re asking for it.


Olympian God of Light

If he’s not rocking out on his guitar, you can probably find Apollo writing poetry, predicting the future, or checking himself out in the mirror. (Have you seen what SunButter has done for his skin?)


Egyptian Sun God

Ra is a sun god of a few words. But, you can bet he’s always up to something whether it be making smoothies at the SunButter Gym or causing a ruckus at the house…

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Welcome to the SunButter Gym

Dagr and the other SunGods have opened up a new gym inspired by the godly-tasting SunButter! Checkout the SunButter Gym to get swole with Apollo, get a tanning sesh in with Amaterasu, or try one of Ra’s mythical SunButter Smoothies.

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