May 24, 2013

Sending support, SunButter to Oklahoma

Support the food allergy families in Oklahoma

Like you, we’re sending our thoughts, prayers and support to those affected by the tornadoes’ devastation in Oklahoma.

We’re also sending SunButter.

Through our friends at the Regional Food Bank, located right in Oklahoma, we’re sending a pallet of SunButter, shipping it right to the hardest hit area.

As Food Allergy Awareness Coalition says, “Food allergic victims suffer the most during these times, as they are cut off from their safe-food supply.” SunButter is just doing our little part to help by focusing on one of the most immediate needs: nut-free food that requires little preparation and can be kept without refrigeration.

How you can help

The Regional Food Bank makes it easy to donate online, but you can also send products to:

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma
3400 S. Moulton
Oklahoma City, OK  73139

If you’d like to donate to this safe-food drive, here’s where to send your checks or products:

Attn: Cami Simunek – FAAC
Cherokee Hills Church of Christ
6724 NW 63rd St
Oklahoma City, OK 73132

They don’t have a loading dock, but can accept pallets of products.

Other worthy ways to give directly to Oklahoma tornado victims:

American Red Cross Disaster Relief

Salvation Army Oklahoma Relief

If you have other organizations, we’d like to hear about them. And please, join us in sending support to our friends in Oklahoma as they rebuild.

Please share this badge to help spread the word and support food allergy families. The website at the bottom directs people to this post so they can get the contact information for donating.

Support the food allergy families in Oklahoma

Use #allergysafeOK when you share!

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