April 28, 2010

Finally, Thai Pasta

Girls night out was all planned. Three friends, a good recipe and a bag full of groceries.  But then, a conflict for one, then another and eventually, girls night fell apart.

Fast forward to this week. My 18-year-old daughter actually had a free night, so we spent it together making the Thai Chicken Pasta with SunButter® Sauce recipe. Our observations follow:

Overall, let me just say we made a double batch so we could enjoy it again the next day. It went over so well with the family, there wasn’t much left over.

The recipe was easy to make, but like most Asian recipes, there were lots of interesting little spices and herbs.

#SunButter Thai Pasta Recipe!

Our chicken was cooked in sesame oil and flavored with cumin. Using the sesame oil here was our own little variation of the recipe.

#SunButter Thai Pasta Recipe!

Your noodles are cooking at the same time.

Once the chicken is done, you remove it and sauté all these fresh herbs and veggies. My mouth is watering just looking at it. The leaves are the cilantro—the green kind of disappears as it cooks, but the interesting flavor is loud and clear.

#SunButter Thai Pasta Recipe!

When that’s cooking, you make your sauce in the blender. This is where the SunButter® comes into the recipe.

#SunButter Thai Pasta Recipe!

Then it all goes together, onto the table and into happy mouths.

#SunButter Thai Pasta will leave YOU and YOUR family wanting MORE!

The reviews for SunButter® Pasta:

I thought it looked rather bland so I was totally surprised when I had a little carnival of flavors in my first bite. Yum.

Daughter #1– loved it. Suggested experimenting with grilling the chicken next time.

Daughter #2 (who typically eats only cereal)– was also surprised at the amount of flavor. Ate a small portion, gave it a thumbs-up then proceeded to eat a bowl of cereal.

Japanese exchange student (world’s pickiest eater and spicy food hater)—had three helpings.

Hubby (the meat and potato man)—didn’t die. In fact, ate seconds.

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