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May 20, 2015

By Meaghan Grettano May is National Strawberry Month! My family and I live in North Carolina, and we are so fortunate to have strawberry farms nearby where my kids and I can go out into the fields and pick a bucket of our own fresh strawberries. We’ve often ended up with full buckets during the […]

SunButter Super Cups
Jan 15, 2015

Sometimes, chocolate relieves stress. We believe this now more than ever, thanks to our friend Teri Gentes, a health and wellness coach who helps so many people manage stress, weight, fitness goals, disease and overall lifestyles. Based in the Ottawa, Ontario Canada area, with its delightful French influences, Teri coaches individuals and organizations, and has published several books and cook books. She shared this decadent […]

SunButter Nut-Free Energy Bars fuel you through your days!
Jan 5, 2015

Get a bright start this new year with these homemade, peanut- and tree nut-free SunButter Energy Bars. They have just the right blend of protein, good carbs and of course the great taste of SunButter. These are ideal for breakfast, an afternoon snack, as a nut-free school lunch addition, post workout recovery snack and to stash […]

Nut-Free SunButter Sea Salt Caramel Bars are a perfect blend of salty and sweet!
Aug 27, 2014

Just a hint of autumn is in the air, which is the season for creamy caramel. We tried adding SunButter to several Caramel Bars recipes, and this was the clear winner! You know, the perfect blend of salty and sweet, from a buttery crust and gooey caramel center to just-right topping. (These are not low-fat […]

Erica's 3 ingredient SunButter cookies and easy to whip up and sweet to enjoy!
Aug 22, 2014

Inspired by Erica, who blogs at Coffee And, we whipped up these super-simple yet delicious Nut-Free Three Ingredient SunButter Cookies. These make a sweet after-school snack where the house smells of fresh-baking cookies even though busy moms and dads just rushed in the door before the kids! With guidance and permission, older kids could make […]

SunButter enhances familiar Rhubarb Crumble.
Jul 11, 2014

Does anything taste more like summer than a rhubarb dessert? We think not. In our Midwestern hometowns, a patch of rhubarb is a staple in yards, from sprawling farms to suburban lots and even city rooftop gardens. Often sharing the gardens? Sunflowers! Many people call rhubarb the “pie plant,” since its stalks bake up tart, soft […]

SunButter Gluten-Free Wild Rice Pancakes offer a very interesting flavor and texture, plus really hearty 'cake!
Jul 10, 2014

We’re always interested in alternative ingredients for a twist on traditional favorites: like pancakes! Wild rice is the grain of an aquatic grass native to North America. It actually grows in water, 2 – 4 feet deep. Minnesota grows much of it, and even has wild rice as its “state grain!”  Flooded fields, or paddies, […]

Challos! SunButter nut-free S'mores.
Jun 30, 2014

One of our favorite food allergy moms is Tracy Bush of Allergy Phoods. She has also built a business, written books and authors a blog on food allergies. She’s one of our Official SunButter Blogger Ambassadors, so we had her review our new SunButter Natural No Sugar Added variety. Here’s her post, packed full of […]

May 12, 2014

If you’re going nut-free, you don’t need to give up “peanut” sauce, a wonderfully creamy, zingy sauce in many Asian cuisine recipes. It’s easy, versatile and makes Indonesian and Thai recipes deliciously authentic. Here’s our SunButter Nut-Free Asian “Peanut” Sauce and Four Dishes for It! SunButter Nut-Free “Peanut” Sauce Ingredients: 1/2 c. SunButter 1/2 c. […]

Nut-free, gluten-free SunButter Berry Poppers are also free of all top 8 food allergens.
May 5, 2014

Fellow chocoholics, meet Elizabeth DiBurro, blogger at Easy Breezy Life Food Allergies. It’s a clever tongue-in-cheek blog title, since she and her husband have two boys, “one with EoE and multiple severe food allergies to a long list of foods; one with no allergies,” as she explains. So how do you keep the whole family […]