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SunButter Banana Smoothie
Mar 16, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, SunButter Fans! In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we wanted to offer our beloved fans a celebration starter kit. We’re preparing you for St. Patty’s Day with some great fun facts, SunButter tips, and three brand new recipes! You know it’s a fun day to celebrate, but do you know why? […]

SunButter Energy Bites, perfect for preschool or other group snack times!
Apr 29, 2014

Tomorrow is your turn to bring snacks to preschool: they must be nut-free, healthy and delicious. And it’s 9:30 at night. No worries: Whip up these SunButter Bites! You probably already have the ingredients in your pantry, or can get them with a quick grocery store trip, like our friend Trisha did for her son […]

SunButter Date Smoothies are easy to make and packed with protein and good carbs.
Feb 21, 2014

SunButter has many ideal matches for its roasted flavors, and one of the most nutritious and delicious is Medjool Dates. Medjool Dates, the fruit of date palms, are about 6,000 years old. We like older mates! Dates are also naturally sweet, which perfectly complements SunButter’s salty side. Other attributes that make dates an ideal partner […]

Three Sweet Spoonfuls of SunButter and sweet-tooth worthy toppings for a quick, filling snack.
Jan 10, 2014

Sometimes, just a spoonful of something is all you need for a quick snack. Here are six SunButter Spoonfuls to fit your sweet tooth or salty need, perfect to fill you up. Hey sweetie We used SunButter Natural for these three sweet-tooth remedies, one topped with a nugget of SunButter Flax Seed Vanilla Granola.   […]

Handy SunButter On-The-Go Packs are now available in Canada.
Dec 23, 2013

  If you’re on the go, try SunButter On-The-Go packets, now available in Canada! Each handy packet contains 32 g of our popular SunButter Original No-Stir variety. You can also see the product information in French. SunButter On-The-Go packets are totally peanut and tree nut-free, gluten-free, egg-free and dairy-free, and produced in a strictly peanut-free and tree […]

Nut free snack as crispy as fall: SunButter Autumn Snack Mix.
Sep 27, 2013

Fall’s flavors are perhaps SunButter’s perfect match: Pumpkin, cinnamon, maple, nutmeg, made even more delicious in this batch of peanut-free snacks. Perfect for afternoons at the apple orchard, pumpkin patch, one last evening by a bonfire, and of course while viewing football! Autumn Snack Mix Inspired by’s Caroline and her Sweet SunButter Caramel Corn […]

Free downloadable stickers to ID peanut-free lunches and snacks, courtesy of SunButter.
Sep 13, 2013

So you’ve packed your kids a peanut-free lunch and/or peanut-free snacks for school? Let the school folks know about it! Minimize confusion at already-busy cafeterias and snacktimes with these free downloadable stickers. Lunch ladies, cafeteria staff people and parents of kids with nut allergies will thank you. Click here for a downloadable PDF that you can print […]

Amped Up SunButter RollUps are excellent nut free snacks to pack to school!
Aug 30, 2013

They’re back (to school, that is). The best nut-free snacks to send to school have protein for energy, not much sugar to help maintain focus and are easy to pack. These five do not come back home in the recesses of backpacks at the end of the day, so we’re proud they’re fueling up students […]

SunButter Strawberry Bread is quick, easy and most importantly, deliciously nut-free.
Aug 13, 2013

SunButter pairs well with many fruits and veggies, as a dip or spread, and in this deliciously moist, easy nut-free bread with SunButter and strawberries. We used fresh berries, but we’ve also used frozen berries. The flavors combine wonderfully to create a peanut-free snack, side to a salad or soup for a light lunch (try […]

SunButter on the go snack packs are a perfect portion for nut free snacks to bring to school.
Jun 11, 2013

Sports, crafts, horses, science, outdoor adventure, art…There’s a summer camp for that! Ensure kids and parents are happy campers when you send nut-free lunches and nut-free snacks with your kids to summer camp. Our nut-free lunch ideas are meant to: Last through a morning without refrigeration Fuel an active child through the afternoon Are not smushy, yucky […]