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Jan 29, 2015

SunButter welcomes new partner blog, Mom versus Food Allergy!   We are thrilled to share Rachel’s delicious SunButter Spread recipe.  Allergy-Friendly Blueberry SunButter Spread I was making pancakes last week sometime, and Superman requested blueberry pancakes.  I immediately thought, “Oh, I should make blueberry syrup.”  My next thought was, “How am I gonna add some […]

SunButter Overnights Oats are quick to make in the evening for a less stressed, nutritious breakfast!
Jan 20, 2015

It’s National Oatmeal Month! We’re not talking mushy tasteless stuff. We’re mixing up a daybreak delight of these SunButter Overnight Oats, simple to mix up the night before and easy to grab in the morning. You can even enjoy them on-the-go, and the combination of protein and carbs will keep you fueled up all morning. SunButter […]

SunButter Super Cups
Jan 15, 2015

Sometimes, chocolate relieves stress. We believe this now more than ever, thanks to our friend Teri Gentes, a health and wellness coach who helps so many people manage stress, weight, fitness goals, disease and overall lifestyles. Based in the Ottawa, Ontario Canada area, with its delightful French influences, Teri coaches individuals and organizations, and has published several books and cook books. She shared this decadent […]

SunButter Nut-Free Energy Bars fuel you through your days!
Jan 5, 2015

Get a bright start this new year with these homemade, peanut- and tree nut-free SunButter Energy Bars. They have just the right blend of protein, good carbs and of course the great taste of SunButter. These are ideal for breakfast, an afternoon snack, as a nut-free school lunch addition, post workout recovery snack and to stash […]

SunButter Organic nutrition panel.
Sep 4, 2014

SunButter’s first love will always be peanut-free people and recipes. Yet what about our friends who are looking for peanut butter replacements as nutritious spreads, dips and recipe ingredients? Keep in mind that many people who can’t tolerate peanuts can have almonds and almond butter (make sure the product is also processed in a peanut-free facility, of course). […]

New SunButter Natural No Sugar Added is simply roasted sunflower seeds and a hint of salt: no sweeteners!
Apr 16, 2014

We’re proud to now offer a new SunButter, Natural No Sugar Added. It’s simply specially roasted sunflower seeds and a bit of salt (just 98 mg of sodium in 2 Tbsp.)! No sweeteners or anything else. Check out this video, too:   So far, we’re heard from folks like you who appreciate SunButter Natural No […]

SunButter Date Smoothies are easy to make and packed with protein and good carbs.
Feb 21, 2014

SunButter has many ideal matches for its roasted flavors, and one of the most nutritious and delicious is Medjool Dates. Medjool Dates, the fruit of date palms, are about 6,000 years old. We like older mates! Dates are also naturally sweet, which perfectly complements SunButter’s salty side. Other attributes that make dates an ideal partner […]

Cocoa Cranberry SunButter Granola Bars from Meaghan Grettano's nut-free kitchen!
Feb 11, 2014

Davaite est! (That’s “Let’s eat!” in Russian, site of the 2014 Winter Olympics Games.) In the spirit of healthy eating, our friend Meaghan Grettano, a food allergy parent and Certified Health Coach, graciously shared her go-to peanut free snacks recipe.  Read her food allergy story. “Visit Meaghan’s “Your Life. Unsugar Coated.” website. Granola bars are such […]

Cooking and baking in the kitchen gets kids involved in creating allergy friendly recipes.
Feb 6, 2014

We meet amazing people every day who are learning how to handle food allergies. They each teach us new recipes, introduce us to new resources and best of all, offer a positive perspective we are so proud to share with others. Meaghan Grettano, health coach, mom and blogger at Meaghan Grettano, shares her story here. […]

Handy SunButter On-The-Go Packs are now available in Canada.
Dec 23, 2013

  If you’re on the go, try SunButter On-The-Go packets, now available in Canada! Each handy packet contains 32 g of our popular SunButter Original No-Stir variety. You can also see the product information in French. SunButter On-The-Go packets are totally peanut and tree nut-free, gluten-free, egg-free and dairy-free, and produced in a strictly peanut-free and tree […]