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SunButter Story Sweepstakes
May 2, 2015

Share your SunButter story during the month of May and you could win a $250 Amazon gift card! Everyone has an allergy story.  The first time you ate a cookie and felt a weird tickle.  When your child rejected food or complained of feeling funny.  While many of these stories are sad, some even tragic, there […]

Apr 25, 2015

May Day is right around the corner.  Surprise your neighbor by leaving a May Day basket filled with flowers or your favorite (peanut-free!) treats! Looking for an easy May Day basket craft?  You’re in the right place! You will need: An empty SunButter jar, scissors, ribbon, hot glue or tape, colored paper, and materials with […]

high fives
Apr 19, 2015

By Cindy Gordon and Keeley McGuire Heading off to summer camp is the dream for many school-aged children, but for children with food allergies, summer camp may seem out of reach.  With a little research and planning, you may be able to find a summer camp that fits your child’s needs and makes the summer […]

SunButter Birdfeeder
Apr 18, 2015

With spring in full bloom, it’s time to get crafty!  Making a SunButter Bird Feeder is a great way to pass a rainy spring day, recycle an empty SunButter jar, learn about birds and feed your neighborhood’s best singers!  Gather all your used SunButter jars, take a visit to your local bird seed retailer, and it’s […]

SunButter Crunchers
Apr 15, 2015

Looking for a new recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth?  Look no further!  Our newest creation, SunButter Crunchers, is the perfect blend of chocolate and chewy.  The layered club crackers’ saltiness balances the chocolate and SunButter’s sweetness, adding a satisfying crunch to the texture.  Watch out world, this may just be our best dessert recipe yet! Made […]

Apr 14, 2015

By Rachel Hayden Empty SunButter jars are perfect for storing small items like craft materials or small toys. You could even use it as a vase or as a pencil holder! When recycling a SunButter jar, how do you get that last little bit of SunButter out? Here’s how I do it as quickly as […]

Dog Treats
Apr 11, 2015

By Meaghan Grettano In honor of National Pet Day, my kids and I thought it would be fun to get into the kitchen and experiment with making some wholesome (and peanut butter free!) dog treats for our little pooch!  I mean, what better way to show your dog some love than by making them some […]

Mar 28, 2015

Spring is in the air and this time of year, everyone is getting a little stir-crazy.  Here’s a great way to put that energy to good use and add touch of springtime celebration to your home.  This craft is great for kids and grown-ups alike—all you need is a leftover SunButter jar, a few pretty ribbons, […]

Mar 25, 2015

Whether or not you’re traveling for spring break, who could say no to making like Sweden and celebrating Waffle Day.  Technically, March 25th is “Our Lady’s Day” but the name “Vårfrudagen” sounds way too close to “Våffeldagen,”  (“Waffle Day”) to not celebrate.  According to Wikipedia, “Waffles are typically eaten on this day.”  You don’t have […]

Mar 22, 2015

However you and your family celebrate Easter, most traditions include food.  So if you’re hosting someone or have a family member with a food allergy, keep reading! These simple tips will help you plan ahead for stress-free, memory-making fun: Communicate Early Volunteer to host the egg hunt, special meal, or gathering if you have a food […]